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I have often been asked if I know of any exercises for the stomach that requires no equipment, so today I hit hold of it and put together this workout as you see above. Regarding abs I almost feel like I get a better workout whenever I do it without weights or machines since it’s easier to get good contact. My tip with these exercises is to always make sure to keep your back flat against the ground. If you’re dealing with lumbar lordosis this can get a bit tricky, but it’s extra important for us (yep, I also have it!) to build up some extra strength in these areas. If you feel like it gets too tough, you can make it easier by putting your hands behind your butt.

This workout took about 40 minutes for me and consists of:

Side Plank – 15 on each side x 3 sets

Heel Touches – 15 on each side x 3 sets, completed with pulsing

Mountain climber – 20 reps on each side x 3 sets

Flutter Kicks – Start from the bottom and work your way up in a zigzag pattern 15 reps

Toe Taps – 15 ropes on each leg x 3 sets